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Madame Jeanette

Madame Jeanette


the art of art directing

The result of minor Fashion & Editorial Branding; the anual magazine of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, with a team of 39 students. From setting guidelines for the team, to Art Direction on set. On-brand translated imagery in a consistent and off-the-grid graphic design: everything had to come together as 1 final piece. The magazine was sold at bookstore Athenaeum, in Amsterdam.

When I’m good, I’m very good, but when I’m bad, I’m better
— Madame Jeanette

Madame Jeanette responds to the fact that the fashion industry takes itself way too seriously. Instead of following the path that’s been allocated to her, she has fun with it in her own spicy and sassy way and follows her own route like a real diva.

Within topics relevant for those interested in fashion, Madame Jeanette messes with the set rules of the industry by having fun with them. ‘cause after all; fashion is fun, even if the industry sometimes isn’t.

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Redefining the capital f of fashion

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