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United Colors of Benetton

United Colors of Benetton

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graduation project

Art Direction, Photography, Concept Development, Copy Writing and Graphic Design

I don’t feel male, nor female
— Dennis Bijleveld

Back in the eighties, Benetton had a clear vision and great success. Decades later they played the game differently, which resulted in disappearing to the background of the fast fashion mass. To differentiate from their competition, from 2017 onwards there has to be a strategic transformation set-up. After a long time gone from a clear statement, Benetton strikes again.

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Humans of the universe

Rods and cones are the human retina in our eyes that make it possible to see color and distinguish them from each other. When you look at the rainbow you can distinguish the seven comprised colors – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. What you do not see is that there are numerous of nuances more. Just like society – where we tend to see what we are used to. Missing out all the nuances in between. It’s time to open our eyes and celebrate individual identities.

Color means diversity, creativity, optimism. For over fifty years, these keywords have driven the design of products and have guided all the company’s side activities.

As Benetton is leading on basic garments in all conceivable colors, it has a strong metaphor to the rainbow. Known for its symbolic meaning of pride, including all people, regardless of any gender and sexual preferences.The pride rainbow flag consists of 6 colors. Whereas it’s time to not separate black from white, gay from straight, or even male from female

and celebrate everything in between. So let’s skip the binary choice, and acknowledge that there is more than that.The rainbow is an extraordinary symbol for following our hearts, desire and purpose in life and therefore the perfect combination for Benetton in this Spring/Summer campaign of 2018.

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